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To everyone in the Orange County/SoCal area: Any room for a sweet cat?

I am soon to be moving back to Alabama, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I can't take my cat with me. It breaks my heart to give him up, but I'd rather give him to someone who will give him the love and care he deserves than to a shelter, where his fate would be up in the air.

His name is Magellan. He's a shelter kitten, now aged about 2 years old and about 12 pounds. He's healthy, neutered, is up to date on his shots and vet care, and is very good about using the litterbox-- haven't had a single accident, not even when I moved him out here to California, which had to be a little jarring to him. He is very friendly to people, even strangers, and loves to be petted and cuddled. He also plays fetch, a game which would go on forever if he had any say in the matter.

He's an indoor cat, and non-aggressive, very sweet-natured.

Photos might not be the best-- black animals are so hard to photograph, but he's all black with one white spot at his throat, and yellow-green eyes.

The person who adopts him will also get his soft carrier, harness, bell collar, rabies tag, brush, and all his favorite toys; also any leftover food and litter I have so the adopter can transition him to whatever brand they use. I also have all the records from his previous vet. I would prefer that he remain an indoor cat, because of the safety risks that face a cat outside.

I'm in Huntington Beach, so if you think you're the right person to give Magellan a safe, loving home, please email me or leave a comment here. Thanks, everyone.

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