Christin1065 (liz1065) wrote in kittenlogic,

Solutions for Roarshact?

We currently have in our care a 2-month-old male bundle of fur. He was brought in to a vet my friend works at by a family who found him on the side of the road on the way to their dog’s checkup when he was around 6-weeks. We took him from my friend to work on the last week of weaning and serving him the last doses of antibiotic. Now we are in limbo about adopting him b/c of a prospective landlady whose bad at communication.

The problem: He’s a biter. He used to spend half his time sleeping, ¼ whining and ¼ playing. Now he whines much less and plays more. He plays with anything on the floor and just as often, his lower half with seemingly no control over his legs (kicking himself and crying from him biting his own tail). When I pick him up he instantly starts purring. (When he was littler he purred so hard that when I saw him I thought there was something wrong.) But other times he plays with my hands and feet and randomly just rares back and takes a chomp at me with no warning.
I’ve tried blowing at his face and now he’s actually started reacting to a Neeeh! noise but I’m trying to find a solution for his biting because we’d like to adopt him even with the biting. (I don’t want someone not prepared to adopt him.) But I need to know why he might be doing this (he shows no signs of pain) and how to correct it.
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