Christin1065 (liz1065) wrote in kittenlogic,

Litter Box habits of 2mo old

Both my kitties are rescues. TC is a 7mo female and Roarshact is a 2mo male. TC's litter habits are fine, although she scratches everything including the wall and side of neiboring bins once she's done, she still covers her elimination. Roar, on the other hand is a biological flunkee (:-P tongue-in-cheek, people) because he leaves his release out in the open for everyone to smell and merely plays in the sand and the plastic part of the litter box. Do you think it's something he'll grow into?
Our abode is not airy and roomy enough to deal with the odor but I guess if he won't learn it's something we'll have to live with. We have one of those self-cleaning litter boxes but it already broke. The only think I can think of is that $13 crystal litter.
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