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Shared Kitty Food Is A Shared Joy

No one has posted on here for ages so I thought I'd tell you all about how my kitten taught my flatmate's kitten to share. The kittens in question are below

Mesca and Willow

Cast: Mesca (left) and Willow (right)

One day I replenished the bowl of food for two (according to them) starving kitties. Mesca (my kitten) was the first to get stuck in. She had a few mouthfuls then moved back to give Willow an opportunity to get to the kitty num-num goodness. Mesca watched patiently as Willow hovered over the bowl woofing down kitty biscuits and an exponential rate.

After seeing that Willow was not going to give up her position at the helm of the bowl, Mesca politley placed her paw on the edge of the bowl and looked at Willow. When Willow didn't react Mesca then tapped her lightly once or twice on the back of the head, then placed her paw back on the edge of the bowl. Willow took the hint and moved back.

Mesca moved up to the bowl and had a few mouthfuls then stepped back to let Willow at the bowl again. This occured two or three times before Willow caught on to what Mesca was trying to tell her. I'm so proud to have raised such a polite and patient kitty.
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Awww that is so cute! What sweet kitties. Mine are not so polite. One of them is, but they don't return the favor. Sometimes I just have to pull the bowl from them and give it to her. Otherwise she would just watch sadly as they wolfed it down.
That is so adorable. A polite cat! Should I check outside for a blood-red moon and boiling seas? >^.^<

My Magellan would do the same, except the tap would be more of a brain-rattling whack. Ah, I miss the little 12-pound spaz.
cutest cat story ever.