Xavier (xavierc) wrote in kittenlogic,

Wondering If Anyone Can Help With My Pee Problem

Well, not mine, my kitten Mesca's. She's about two now and right from when I got her she used the kitty litter and never pee'd anywhere besides in there or outside.* I've moved two or three times with her and she never strayed from using the litter. But now, we moved into the place we are now (about 2 months ago) and she has started peeing all over the house. At first I thought it might be because I kept her inside for the first two weeks (as per usual) but she's still doing it now. And I can't figure out why.

She definatley knows it's wrong, 'cause she looks at me while she's doing it and then bolts for it. I punish her in the usual way: rub her nose in it and put her in the kitty litter. But I'm wondering if this is having any effect because I never had to do it with her when she was younger.

Does anyone have some ideas? Why? Any ideas on how to discourage her?

*Except for this one time when I hadn't brought her litter back in from washing it earlier in the day and she decided to let me know by peeing on my girlfriend who - in Mesca's opinion - I had been spending too much time with.
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